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Chicago Bond Reduction Hearings (MOTIONS TO REDUCE BOND)

Even after an initial Bond is set, it is not too late to seek to modify the Bond.  A Motion to Reduce Bond can be brought by the Defendant's attorney at any time, but it is only the well crafted and well argued Motion that is likely to succeed and produce a significant Bond Reduction.  Through my experiences in Bond Court and research in the area, I have developed a technique and strategy for presenting these Motions which has regularly delivered successful and surprising results.  Illinois Criminal Court Judges consider many factors when determining Bond and are obligated to consider those issues the law and courts have deemed to be relevant.  By making the Presiding Judge aware of each and every relevant issue, especially those the Judge was not made aware of, at the initial Bond Hearing, we position ourselves to secure a reduction whenever possible.   A successful Chicago Bond Reduction Hearing only occurs when the Motion and Argument are given the appropriate time and attention to detail they demand.  You have my promise I will do everything I can to reduce you or your family member's Bond.

Chicago, Illinois Bond Attorney

Chicago Illinois Bond Hearings

Upon being arrested and charged with a criminal offense, the first obstacle or issue a Defendant will face is having a Bond set to secure their release from Custody while their case is pending, awaiting trial, motion or plea.  The amount of your bond can vary greatly based on numerous factors, including the nature of the crime, your residency, family situation and many others which Bond Court Judges consider before setting a Bond in Illinois.

At the Law Office of Nir Basse in Chicago, IL, we firmly believe that a Defendant who has a well-prepared and well-informed Private Attorney at their Bond Hearing is much more likely to be released rather than detained indefinitely.  Most Defendants are represented in Bond Court by the Illinois Public Defenders office, due to the limited amount of time to find and hire a private attorney between the arrest and Bond Court.  While the Public Defenders are dedicated and talented attorneys, the workload and time constraints they face make it virtually impossible for them to ascertain all the necessary and important information from their client prior to going before the Judge.  In fact, in many cases the Public Defender knows nothing more than the Defendant's name, charge and criminal background, which is all information the Prosecutor, has as well. As your lawyer, I will personally meet with both the family and the Defendant (in custody before Bond Court) to ask all the necessary questions and develop a strategy to implore the court to set as low a Bond as possible and to ensure that it is a D Bond (10%) and not a 100% Cash Bond.  I will also, if requested make arrangements for our Private Investigator to post the bond and expedite the release of the Defendant in any manner possible.

The cost of Defending a criminal case can be significant no matter what.  There will be legal fees, pre-trial costs and possibly fines and fees related to a possible plea or conviction.  The one cost a Defendant and his family can control (or at least attempt to control) is the Bond amount.  At the Law Office of Nir Basse, we take great pride in securing great results for our clients.  I know that even the slightest reduction in a Bond can be the difference between a Defendant coming home to his family or staying in custody for an indefinite period of time.  I also know that Arrests and Bond Hearings can happen at any time and with very little notice, so I am available day or night, weekday or weekend to meet with or speak with a Defendant or family member.  Please contact me at any time and I will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your case.