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What to Expect with Motions to Reduce Bonds

Posted by Nir Basse | Nov 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Even after an initial Bond is set, it is not too late to seek to modify the Bond.  A Motion to Reduce Bond can be brought by the Defendant's attorney at any time, but it is only the well crafted and well argued Motion that is likely to succeed and produce a significant Bond Reduction.  Through my experiences in Bond Court and research in the area, I have developed a technique and strategy for presenting these Motions which has regularly delivered successful and surprising results.  Illinois Criminal Court Judges consider many factors when determining Bond and are obligated to consider those issues the law and courts have deemed to be relevant.  By making the Presiding Judge aware of each and every relevant issue, especially those the Judge was not made aware of, at the initial Bond Hearing, we position ourselves to secure a reduction whenever possible.   A successful Chicago Bond Reduction Hearing only occurs when the Motion and Argument are given the appropriate time and attention to detail they demand.  You have my promise I will do everything I can to reduce you or your family member's Bond.

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