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Illinois DUI law is complex, and an experienced Illinois DUI lawyer should handle your defense. While DUI law is consistent throughout the state of Illinois, each county court may have different rules for DUI or drunk driving case procedures. A Chicago DUI case, or any Cook County DUI case, can proceed differently than a DUI in Lake county or DuPage county. Suspended drivers license issues are also handled differently. Missing the subtle differences can mean missing opportunities to protect you and your driver's license.

Your Illinois dui lawyer must be aware of these details, because not knowing is devastating and not acceptable. Illinois' DUI statute is getting more complex every day, with our legislature putting enormous pressure on defendants.

Given the possible penalties, shopping an Illinois DUI lawyer based on price alone is a tremendous mistake. Lawyers who charge rock bottom fees are likely to do as little work as possible defending your DUI, and not a dime's worth more.

The Law Office of Nir Basse offers a free consultation, face to face, before an appropriate fee is set. I analyze your arrest, and consider your situation. My clients leave educated, confident that their Illinois DUI defense will be handled carefully and creatively. I let you know up front the legal fees and expenses to expect for the best efforts defending your Illinois DUI and protecting your driver's license.

Arrested For DUI? Contact Us For a Free Consultation

Here is what you need to know if you have been arrested for driving under the influence: