School Disciplinary Proceedings

School Disciplinary Proceedings

Students at all levels of education can be disciplined in accordance with school policies and guidelines for numerous actions, some criminal, some not.  This can include academic fraud, bullying, threats against the school, fighting, drug use and other behavioral issues.  Every school district, university, and or institution will have its own individual policies and guidelines governing student behavior and disciplinary procedures. 

Depending on the allegations, a student can be subject to discipline as simple as a reprimand, detention or guidance.  They can also face more significant punishment including suspension or expulsion.  A school will also determine, depending on the circumstances, whether to involve the police in the investigation, which could lead to criminal charges in addition to the school proceedings.

It is critical that you and your family have an experienced and dedicated attorney to represent and protect all your child's rights.  Just as important, an experienced attorney will ensure that all deadlines are met and the proper documentation and information needed for any proceeding is thoroughly prepared in advance for presentation to a determining body or judicial board.

Oftentimes, it is just as important to focus on a student's past history (especially if it is a good one) to showcase an incident being an isolated one, not a pattern or a recurring issue.  There is a lot at stake, including, potentially your child's academic future.  We need to make sure the people making a decision about your child have all the information they need to make an informed determination.  If they do not, they will be left with only information about the incident in question with which which could bias or impact their decision.

There is too much riding on the outcome of School Disciplinary Proceedings to go at it alone. The Law Office of Nir Basse has a long history of amazing results in the defense of young and older students.  We have a time tested, fully developed process to prepare for these types of proceedings and know your child will get the best representation and level of care by this office.