What To Do If You Are Suspected of A Crime

Without an attorney present, you should almost never speak to the police when they are questioning you. The police officers job is to find someone to charge when a crime is committed. They do not have your interest in mind, and you need someone there to protect your rights, including the right not to incriminate yourself. Remember, “Anything you say Can and Will be used against you”.

As a general rule it is almost always better to invoke your right to not incriminate yourself as well as your right to have an attorney present at all times when speaking to, or in the presence of law enforcement or prosecutors.  There is not any information you can provide to the authorities that your attorney will not be able to deliver at a later date.  And when your attorney delivers the information it is for your benefit, and can not be used against you.  

If the police intend on charging you with a crime, or investigating/hold you for a potential charge there is nothing you can do to prevent it.  Any information you provide the authorities can potentially negatively impact your case.  If you believe you could be charged, your best strategy is to contact your attorney (or have your family/friends reach out to one on your behalf) who will be ready to represent you in bond court and at your preliminary hearing.  Having able and vested representation at these two proceedings can be the difference between going home or spending the duration of your case in custody.